🧠 What is Creator Mindset?

We're a platform that interviews the side hustlers and full-time content creators to share their stories. We give you insider's insights into their personal experiences, helping you learn from their failures and mistakes. And we provide tips, tricks and actionable steps on how to find success in your niche so that you can thrive online.

🀷 Why did you build Creator Mindset?

Creator Mindset was created (and launched on 21st Dec 2019) from an idea that was in the back burner of "ideas" for many years. After seeing a lot of content creators coming up with amazing ideas, there were a lot of creators that struggled.

Being a content creator is easy; building a following and monetising your passion is hard. We are an open startup that bridges the impossible to the possible; we interview content creators that are at the peak of their game - no matter where you are at with your journey, you will find a ton of value reading these stories and learning from us.

πŸ“’ What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to change the face of content creation by inspiring an entire population to follow their purpose. We are a transparent startup that shares everything from analytics to just about anything.
There are a lot of creative and talented individuals out there who haven't yet created a name or struggling with their content for months. They just need the right inspiration from someone they trust - be it us at Creator Mindset or one of the Content Creators we interview.

πŸ“© How can we contact you?

We love hearing your feedback and suggestions. Tell us what you liked, what was hard to understand, or any other thoughts in a comment below or email us at ohhello@creatormindset.co and we'll give it the attention it deserves!

πŸ“° Press

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Hey! I'm Redmon Borinez, founder and CEO here at Creator Mindset
Our Values

We focus on community first, content second. The people we serve have the right to know what's under the hood.

B‍uild in Public
We have made a lot of mistakes and a lot of wins too, we want to share our process on how we are building Creator Mindset. Perhaps it can inspire a life or two.

Grow or Die
Plant a small seed of growth each day or just wait to decay.

We grow brands like it is ours. We are willing to put the hours.

Over Deliver
We believe in over delivering value. If we promise chocolate, we'll bring waffles too.

Speed is king
A good plan is better executed today, than a great plan executed next week.