Cherry Tung

How I Teach People The Art Of Dividend Investing.

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January 30, 2020

Who are you and what kind of content do you create?

Hey internet friends, my name is Cherry and I make dividend investing videos. A little unconventional for a 20 something year old female, I know. But money is truly my passion. I’ve studied accounting at USC, got a Big 4 Accounting job offer in my junior year and jumped straight into the money and personal finance rabbit hole. I believe, if used properly, money can be your greatest tool!

Let's go down memory lane, tell us your backstory!

Growing up Asian really helped me with my “frugal lifestyle”. Really, some of the things that were part of my childhood are actually considered “frugal” and “special”. For example, our household we would never use the dishwasher. We use it to dry our dishes after handwashing them. We would also save all the grocery bags to use them as trash bags later on. My grandparents would also save all the magazine and newspaper so they can use them as tablecloth. These are just some of the frugal habits that I witnessed as a child. So it is much easier and more natural for me to be money-conscious growing up in an Asian household.

Saving money might seem a little far from dividend investing, but I am a strong believer in saving money as the first step of personal finance. A lot of people just emphasis on making money. But remember, no matter how much you make, if you spend all of your income, you still have nothing left to invest. It’s getting a little personal here, but I had an ex who’s a software engineer. Software engineers make a ton. Think, high six figures. Yet, his net worth is barely six figures after working for almost 10 years. Why? Because he doesn’t save. He simply believes in making more.

On the other hand, my job as a corporate accountant pays a modest income. Nothing fancy, really. Yet, I’m able to reach six-figure net worth with just 2 years out of college. Of course, it’s not just 2 years of working, as I worked all the summers prior to graduating and saved a ton of money during then. Still, I consider myself as living proof that it is definitely possible to accumulate net worth even with a modest income.

How do you brainstorm ideas for your content and your advice in getting the creative juice flowing.

I mainly just talk about my investing journey, from what I’ve learned, what mistakes I’ve made, and what my portfolio looks like. I try to keep my channel super transparent and honest, because money is already such a taboo subject that is talked about by so little people.

What were your fears starting out? How did you handle it?

I was pretty fearless starting out. I was most afraid of my friends and family (aka people who know me in real life) finding out my channel. But… eh, you only live once, right? But the fear really started kicking in when I started getting cyber-bullied. It happens to this day. At first, it really bothered me. When people started calling me names like th*t, etc. It made me quite depressed. But as I continue making content and attracting more supporters, I feel a lot better. Do haters and trolls still bother me? Sometimes. But one thing that I always try to remind myself is that every successful figure has haters. Also, even haters are helping you out because any engagement on YouTube is good for your channel, even if they are thumbs downs.

How did you build your brand to where it is now, take us through your process.

My brand is just myself. My channel has evolved so much through the years, from beauty, lifestyle, designer handbags, to right now, dividend investing. As my interests changed, the video topics on my channel also changed. However, there is one consistency - and that is authenticity. I always try to be as honest as I can, especially with my experience and my opinion. What’s the point of creating videos if I can’t even express my true opinion?

For someone who wants to get into content creation, what is your advice?

Start now. Honestly though, that is the best advice I can give you. You can read all the articles and blogs you want, and you can watch all the YouTube videos or learn from courses. I’ve been there.

ACTION is what you need. I’ve heard countless friends tell me how much they want to start a YouTube channel. Yet, it’s just all talk no action. Just talking gets you nowhere.

Assuming you already have a YouTube channel, stick to ONE very specific niche. Yes, this is super difficult, as you are a multi-facet human being. You have so many different interests. You want to express yourself on your channel. I get it. But the reason why I want you to stick to one specific topic is that I’ve made this mistake myself. I confused my audience so much by jumping from one topic to the other. This ruined my click-through rate, which tells YouTube that my content is not good, so YouTube stopped recommending my content to a greater audience, and this is just a very bad vicious cycle.

As difficult as it is, if you really want to succeed on YouTube, you really need to stick to one topic only. Don’t look at those established YouTubers who post about everything. They are already established. They have fans waiting for them to post content. Those fans will click on anything they post. But if you are still starting, you really need to stand out with a very narrow niche!

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