Food and Travel

Chris Goingo

How A Graphic Designer and Golf Enthusiast Shares To The World His Passion For Food, Leisure & Travel

Food and Travel
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April 29, 2022

Who are you and what kind of content do you create?

Hello, My name is Christopher Goingo and I am from Lakeland, Florida. I work as a Graphic Designer and an Uber Driver at the same time. Content Creation for me is a fun hobby that I decided to do for me to stay creative. I started making videos in the summer of 2021 as I was inspired by my fellow co-workers who were videographers. I work on my own, lugging around my camera and tripod wherever I go.

For my Brand Name, I have changed it around a few times. My first brand name was “Trip Lang”. In Filipino, this means “just for fun”. However, I noticed my audience did not really understand the concept behind the name, and thus, I changed it to “CrizzleyBear Adventures”. Recently, I have changed it back to my name, Chris Goingo, so that the people who know me have an easier time finding me, but I keep all my headings as CrizzleyBear Adventures.

Let's go down memory lane, tell us your backstory! 

I was born in the Philippines and moved to America at the age of 7. I was at a good age to come, as the language was very easy for me to understand but I am also able to speak my native language which is Sorsoganon at home (Sorsoganon is a dialect from one city in the Philippines - Sorsogon). Growing up, my dad was an amazing artist. He taught me how to draw and he loved shooting videos and taking photos. This led me to love the creative side of life and I decided to become a graphic designer. 

I first decided to make videos because I was working with a team of videographers and thought it would be fun to try and edit some videos. I worked alongside my fellow coworkers and studied how they edit and create concepts. 

For me, it was very intriguing. I was creating the thumbnails for these videos and I thought I want to try them myself. Seeing them create a video from just creativity and storytelling got me very interested. My co-worker, Mike, who has his own YouTube channel named “LifeAnyone Media” really opened my eyes to the world of YouTube. I became obsessed with watching videos and following the channels of creators. I have a passion for food and travel and so I decided that would be my platform. I started watching other creators like Mikey Chen, Mark Weins, and Wil Dasovich. One quote that always stuck with me was “Stay Creative”. I cannot remember who said it, but it always makes me want to go and do something.

How do you brainstorm ideas for your content and what is your advice in getting the creative juices flowing?

I am inspired to make videos because I want to show my friends and family the best places to eat in specific areas of central Florida. Also, I am excited to show them some of the fun and interesting things you can do at these locations. I focus in and around the central part of Florida. Outside of the theme parks, there are still so many things to do. 

When it comes to content I just think about the places where I wanna go and what I want to showcase. I definitely want to become more of a storyteller and I know that it will come, in time. 

I use Instagram as my key to looking for the places I want to try and create a video for. I also follow a few Facebook groups that give me inspiration. When it comes to mental blocks, I do not actually try to think of creating. I work well under pressure, but it also seems to be a crutch. When I first started, I wanted to publish videos every Sunday. I did just that and would procrastinate till that Saturday night or Sunday morning to start editing my video. I have to say some videos were definitely rushed and could have been more thought of. But with my busy schedule, it was all I could do. For sure it kept me creative and got me outside of the hustle and bustle of the working world.

What are the tools and platforms you use to help with your brand?

For software, I use a combination of Davinci Resolve and IMovie. I find that I can do the hard editing on Davinci and all the minor edits on IMovie. I learned how to use these programs by watching how-to videos on YouTube. With my background in adobe and other graphic design software, I was able to learn the basics pretty quickly. 

I post all my videos on Youtube and share links on my Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. I post directly onto Youtube, and then I link my videos to my other social media channels.

What were your fears starting out? How did you handle it? 

I had many fears about starting a YouTube channel, honestly. I am a bit of an introvert and found it very scary to talk in front of a camera in public places. I always feared people judging me.

Negative comments to me now, well, I use them as constructive criticism. I think I am becoming more mature. I also don’t take things too seriously nowadays. 

Content Creation was very scary for me. At first, I always thought about how hard it would be to make something and then end up with people just hating you for making it. I think my content is pretty safe, to be honest.

Fears are meant to be overcome. I believe you just need to take that step. Even if you fail, you can at least say you tried. 

How did you build your brand to where it is now? Take us through your process.

I post on YouTube twice a month. I just started a new channel called “300 Pound Golfer” that follows my other passion, golf. I also started a podcast called “Road Trip Radio” which is also on Spotify. 

No funds, wherever I go I just bring my cameras with me (Dji Pocket 2, and Dji Osmo Action). My brothers helped me with the early names of my brand, but I decided to keep it simple in the end. I struggled to find content and what I really wanted to do with my channel. I was not a good videographer to start with and I am still growing day by day. I am still on the low side, just under 100 subs, but I love all my subscribers. They are friends and family members who support me and motivate me. I just bring my cameras everywhere I go, if I see something worth shooting a video for, I just start recording. I started creating content almost a year ago. I definitely was putting out lots of content at the beginning. But now, I have found my niche. 

My first food vlog definitely hit the ground running.

Also, my first thumbnails, I think, created a lot of traction allowing me to post them on other social media platforms with a link, and that started my growth. 

For someone who wants to get into content creation, what is your advice?

If I can do things differently, I would have definitely started writing more and coming up with a game plan for every video. I would definitely be more audience-engaging from the beginning instead of focusing on myself all the time.

Don’t be afraid to fail, and try to do something you think is great.

Share your story, not someone else's. Do what you love, and find people who will support and inspire you.

How did you finally commit to X platform rather than your regular day job?

Do it because you love it, and not because of the money. There are so many jobs out there. Work your regular 9-5 to fuel your platform and your brand.

Tell us the biggest obstacles you have experienced in your content creation journey. And how did you bounce back?

Money is always the biggest drawback. We always look at what other people have, for instance, a nicer camera. We don’t realize that most of us have a smartphone that can shoot videos. Don’t let your dream stop you. Use what you have at your disposal.

Tell us your best milestones in being a content creator.

I would love to get more views, but I would also just love to inspire other people to start their own journey or channel. I have a few friends now that thank me because I inspired them to do what they love. That is the biggest milestone for me. 

What are your marketing strategies to grow your brand?

The marketing strategy is to leverage your social media accounts and use your friends to help you get more subscribers.

How do you handle brand deals and sponsorships? 

If I am able to collab with something I like, I will take that opportunity

What is your monthly earning from content creation? 

No earnings as of now. 

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