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A Food & Travel Content Creator Sharing Good Food And Good Vibes Through His YouTube Videos

Food and Travel
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April 26, 2022

Who are you and what kind of content do you create?

My name is Kirby from the Philippines. I’m an entrepreneur, a motorcycle enthusiast, and a food and travel content creator. My girlfriend and I work hand-in-hand. I create the idea, do the research and the talking, and she does the editing.

K-Mac came from my name K from Kirby and Mac from Macaraig. We just added Food and Travel since the channel is about our food and travel adventures. I’ve been using K-Mac even before I created the channel and since I’m used to being called by that name, I’ve decided to also use it as the channel name.

Let's go down memory lane, tell us your backstory! 

I’ve been a content creator for about a year and a half now. It started during the first year of the pandemic. I was working as a Team Lead in a contact center at that time and was working from home. I was thinking about how to be more productive during my spare time. So I thought of creating cooking videos that I can share with those who are looking for recipes of dishes that they can serve to their families. I also give some trivia about the dish or a specific ingredient that I use. My girlfriend and I created our first video which was uploaded on September 7, 2020. 

It was K-Mac’s Kitchen back then since all I was doing was cooking videos. By the time people were allowed to go out and the lockdown was over, we tried to create some food review videos which I enjoyed more. We love going out of town and trying different restaurants so I thought why not share our adventures with other people through YouTube and Facebook. Hence, we decided to change the channel name to K-Mac’s Food and Travel. 

I always believe that life is short so I always make the most out of it. If you enjoy what you’re doing, then share this with people to spread positivity and good vibes. Some of the content creators who inspired me are Mark Wiens (Travel for Food) and Mikey Chen (Strictly Dumpling). Whenever I watch them and see how they enjoy what they’re doing, I get motivated to create videos and share them with my subscribers. 

How do you brainstorm ideas for your content and what is your advice in getting the creative juices flowing?

I usually get inspired by watching other food and travel videos. I also read all of the comments from my videos to see if there are recommendations on restaurants or other places that people want me to create videos for. I then do my research about the place and start from there. I also don’t rely on scripts. I am more comfortable doing impromptu as I can be normal and be myself. My tip for those who want to be content creators is to enjoy what you’re doing and just be yourself. Avoid copying your idols but use them as your inspiration to create quality content.

What are the tools and platforms you use to help with your brand?

I’m using Filmora as my editing tool as it is user-friendly. I upload my videos on YouTube and now starting to upload on Facebook. I also have a TikTok account but not as active as YouTube.

What were your fears starting out? How did you handle it? 

At first, I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know how people would react to my videos. The first few shots were really difficult since I wasn’t that comfortable in front of the camera. But as time went by, and after creating several videos, I was able to adjust and act normal just like how I regularly talk to people. For me, the camera is my way of talking to other people even if I’m not with them physically.

Always remember that we can’t please everybody and there will be negative comments.

You just have to accept them and turn it around positively. Use it as a motivation for you to create better content next time. 

How did you build your brand to where it is now? Take us through your process.

During the first few months, I was consistently posting every week so people would get to know me. One of the keys is to be consistent in creating and uploading videos so that people have something to look forward to. The majority of the videos were personally funded by me and a few were sponsored by the restaurants or places that we featured. One good thing about doing this kind of content is getting freebies from the places that you’ll feature. Though when I was starting, it wasn’t like that. I tried to look for sponsors that could fund or was willing to do an x-deal with us. But since I was just starting up and didn’t have a lot of subscribers at that time, it was a bit hard to get sponsors. 

It didn’t stop me from pursuing this. I funded my videos and made sure that we make quality content for the audience. After a few videos, I saw traction and an increase in the number of my subscribers and views. I got my first 100 subscribers after 3 weeks, yay!!!

After a year and a half and a few thousand subscribers, I’m still the same Kirby who loves to share my food and travel adventures. I’m proud to say that my most viewed video is Manila Chinatown Food Tour | Binondo, Manila Food Tour. I’ve also gotten a lot of subscribers from this video. Another video that I’m proud of is the Antipolo episode which was featured in ABS-CBN’s morning show “Sakto” hosted by Amy Perez. They liked the content where I was able to give the viewers a virtual tour of the City.

For someone who wants to get into content creation, what is your advice?

The best advice that I can give is for you to find the niche that you’re comfortable with - something that you can do with ease and confidence in front of the camera. Be yourself and do not pretend to be someone you are not just to gain views and subscribers. If you are true to yourself, everything will fall into place and you’ll be successful in what you do. It’s always hard at first, but always remember that these struggles and pains are important for you to get motivated and reach your goals. 

One tip that I can share is for you to watch your oldest and newest videos and compare the difference. Look at the things that you did best and continue doing it. Also, look for opportunities and improve on them so the next time you create a video, it’ll be seamless and perfect. It takes a lot of practice to perfect something, passion to continue what you’re doing, and motivation to create quality content.

How did you finally commit to X platform rather than your regular day job?

After a few months of creating content, I quit my job and started my own business. A small restaurant named K-Mac’s Burgers and Wings. I am also a full-time content creator sharing my food and travel adventures on YouTube.

Tell us your best milestones in being a content creator.

The best milestone that I can share was getting featured on a TV Network as a guest content creator. This really helped me in getting traction and traffic on my channel. 

What are your marketing strategies to grow your brand?

Creating the brand is easy. The tricky part is how to market it. Social media played a big part in my marketing. I made sure that I post on Facebook every single day during the first few months to ensure that I reach more people. My girlfriend and I made sure that our friends and family members share our posts to help us get more traction. When you’re starting, you really need to do this stuff (unless you’re a celebrity) so people would know who you are and what your channel is about. There are also some websites and Facebook groups that help content creators be more visible and gain views and subscribers. 

How do you handle brand deals and sponsorships? 

Getting sponsored videos especially if you’re just starting up is really hard. Majority of the brands would only trust those creators who have tens of thousands of subscribers. But don’t be discouraged, just continue what you’re doing and in time they’ll get back to you wanting their brand to be featured on your channel.

During my first few months, I did reach out to some restaurants not to ask for sponsorship but to make reservations so I can feature their food on my channel. The good thing when doing this is they’ll be prepared. They will even offer to throw in other dishes that you didn’t order at their expense. This is somewhat a partial sponsorship. Once you gain their trust, they’ll contact you in the future for sure.

The first screenshot was a partial sponsorship as they offered to throw in some extras.

This one is going to be sponsored as I was contacted by one of my friends to feature their new menu.

What is your monthly earning from content creation? 

I’ll be honest, I’m not getting a big chunk at the moment. But a few hundred bucks every month as a passive income is not bad. Trust me it really helps.  

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