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Creator Mindset Pro is a community focused on growing online creators and professionals. We are less about content, more about people who make the world better through what they create.
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here's why we are here

Built by Creators for Creators 🙌

The journey online is hard, but the journey of building something you love by yourself is harder.

Creating something online can be a daunting process (we have all been there!), you could be wasting months on research and overwhelmed with the amount of content out there.

You feel burnt out because you just don't know what to focus on, and wasted hundreds of dollars on ads, courses, coaching all at the same time.

When you join a community that understands you and they have been through your pain points, the journey of building online becomes easier to grow.

At Creator Mindset, we build strong 1 on 1 relationships with various members.

These members have similar values, interests and experiences that help drive those bonds of trust and belonging. When more bonds are created with each member the web of connections becomes stronger, as we noticed a community that is there to support you is essential in order to thrive.

What's included in The membership

When you join us, you get these benefits and perks! 🤯

Private workshops

Private workshops and sessions to level up your skills.

Ask Me Anythings

Learn from content creators and entrepreneurs that you follow.

Discounted courses

50% discount for all current and future courses that will boost your skills, knowledge, and creativity.


Members are rewarded with (bragging right) badges when challenges are completed.

Exclusive deals

Private access to exclusive partnership deals.

Exclusive tools

Hand made Google sheet tools that improves your brand or business.

Weekly live calls

Monthly live calls with dedicated topics on: Content Creation, Mindset, Leadership, and many others.

Hot Seat

We choose one random member to be on the hot seat for the week and shower them with feedback.

Less distraction, One ecosystem

All under one roof, distraction-free. Register one account - one account is all you need.

and much more!


What Our Members are Saying 😎

“Redmon has always supported me in every step of building my Youtube channel.  So if you’re serious about content creation, you should definitely take a look at everything creator mindset has to offer. You will get all the help you need and beyond.”
“I recommend Creator Mindset because it makes you think bigger and keeps you accountable every week. You don’t want to be sheep who just follows everyone but a wolf who hunts and doesn’t give up and be something more.”
“You can learn so much, if you're new to content creation highly recommend."
“All the features you need and none you don’t. The simplicity of the tool, helped us become more productive and our customer satisfaction rates skyrocketed. All the features you need and none you don’t.”
“All the features you need and none you don’t. The simplicity of the tool, helped us become more productive and our customer satisfaction rates skyrocketed”
“All the features you need and none you don’t. The simplicity of the tool, helped us become more productive."

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Community Suitability

Is Creator Mindset a suitable community for you? 🤷‍♂️

We'd love you to join our community if:

You are either a content creator looking to grow your audience or a professional wanting to know how to best market yourself and find the key for success
You're not afraid to share your goals with others and open yourself up for feedback
You have seen success online but are still eager to grow your skills and creativity from knowledgeable people in those fields
You enjoy deep discussions and the company of those that are open to new things
You have a can-do attitude that never ceases to lose passion even in the face of adversity and a "pay it forward" mindset

Maybe, we are just not a match if:

You are not willing to learn the step-by-step process and only seeks to find the quickest solution.
You do not care about the content of your videos or brand; we expect our community to be passionate about their work.
You are not committed to attend workshops and sessions that are there for the development and growth of your brand/business.
You are not ready to be transparent and share your progress, ideas, questions and receive honest criticisms.

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Resources and tool sheets
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Upskill your content creation
Activities for improving your mindset
Weekly Accountability calls
Access to events, workshops & AMAs
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Let’s get real who is this community for?

This is a community for content creators, makers, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to grow and develop their skills both personally and professionally.

We go through quarterly invites. We desire to help and create a safe haven for our members in helping them upskill and build a successful business or brand. It's an ideal space for inquisitive minds that wants to explore and learn more.

I'm a busy person, can I still join?

We have designed this community to be accessible to everyone even if you're a busy person. We don't expect to have replies as soon as someone posts. You can reply when you feel is suitable at your own pace.

We thrive for thoughtful discussions rather than a quick one paragraph reply.

Is there a cost to join? And in what currency do you charge?

Sure is! $49 AUD monthly and $490 AUD annually (2 months FREE when you pay annually!), we ONLY charge in Australian Dollars (AUD), a piece of great news to our international community!

$37 USD
€31 EU

Why is there a cost?

We want to maintain top-notch deliverables and weed out the people who just take, as we are committed to providing a unique experience to our members during their stay here with our community.

There is a 7 day free trial you can utilize, you have got nothing to lose. If our community wasn't up to your standards, we have a no question asked policy for members who wish to leave within that trial period.

Do you accept refunds?

Yes, we do accept refunds within 7 days of you joining our community. By that time, you should get a rough idea of whether this community is a fit for you or it didn't provide you the value you expected. That's okay. You can cancel your membership via your account portal. Alternatively, you can send an email to

Can I upgrade to a monthly or yearly plan once I’m in the community?

You definitely can! You may contact us directly through our email and we will chuck in an extra free month (valid for annual members only). Holler us at

What kind of things will I learn?

You will be leveling up your skills from experts around the world hosted by members within the community and experts we invite ranging from creating a landing page, content creation, digital products, marketing, branding, legal documents and much more!

We will also be also introducing a scholarship program exclusive to Creator Mindset Pro.

Couldn't I just join a free community?

Yes, you most certainly can. Would you learn the same things? Maybe. We have joined many communities from paid groups ranging from $100 p/m to $997 a year through to free communities and from our research, majority of the communities aren't as high quality than we have expected.

We feel that they are content heavy and not community focused, hence our application process and an affordable price, we want to keep the community small and meaningful - we gathered information from each community and sprinkled it over Creator Mindset Pro to create something truly amazing. If you are after a free community, we get it there are plenty of them those online, maybe this isn't for you.