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We've hand picked tools that will help you as a content creator grow your brand.
So make sure you check save this as a bookmark as we will be updating our database frequently

Need Royalty free music? Artlist has your back. Use our special link to receive 2 FREE months off your annual subscription. Boo-yeah!

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Create a robust website from scratch, you may need a web developer as it has a steep learning curve

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Buy Me A Coffee
In retrospect it's basically like Patreon but with more more features. Though it sounds more catchy saying "buy me a coffee" than "subscribe to my Patreon".
Already have an established brand and funds but you're manually uploading photos? We recommend Buffer, at $15 p/m you can schedule posts for your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. It's like CreatorStudio but on steroids.
Creator Studio
Starting out and being lean as possible? Creator Studios got your back, you can schedule, comment, DM and automate posts from your desktop for Instagram and Facebook... for FREE!
YouTube Studio
Within the YouTube itself you can get deep analytics such as reach, engagement and audience, master how to read these (article on this coming soon!), you'll be on your way to improve your content creation on YouTube to a whole new level.
Social Blade
A nice tracker that tracks social media statistics.
Vid IQ
Here in the office, we've only be using, without a doubt it's the same as the other competitors out there but what differentiate them apart is when you sigh up to their packages. Using the free stuff is more than enough for Content Creators like yourself.
Can't afford programs like Adobe Photoshop? Canvas got you covered, you can make pretty decent look thumbnails using this!