🧠 What is Creator Mindset?

Creator Mindset is a platform that interviews the side hustlers and full-time creators - we share the stories behind each brand, helping you learn from their mistakes. Giving you the tools, inspiration and actionable insights you need to excel in your niche.

🛠 Why did you build Creator Mindset?

Creator Mindset was created (and launched on 21st Dec 2019) from an idea that was in the back burner of "ideas" for many years. After seeing a lot of content creators coming up with amazing ideas, there were a lot of creators that struggled.

Being a content creator is easy; building a following and monetizing your passion is hard. We are a one-person army open startup that bridges the impossible to the possible; we interview content creators that are at the peak of their game - no matter where you are at with your journey, you will find a ton of value reading these stories.

📢 What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to empower and impact the lives of millions of content creators on a global scale while being a completely transparent startup, sharing metrics on revenue, traffic, reports, and more.

There are a lot of creative and talented individuals out there that haven't created a name or struggling with their content for months - they just need a little help and inspiration from the right person, whether it's us at Creator Mindset or one of the Content Creators we interview.

📝 Can I be interviewed?

You can email us at ohhello@creatormindset.co or fire an email through here.

📲 How can I advertise on Creator Mindset?

We have different packages to suit your needs, whether it's on our website or newsletter (we're Adblock proof!); we got you covered Contact us here.

📩 How can we contact you?

Do you have any suggestions, feedback, see spelling mistakes in the interviews (we're human too!) or guidance with something personal -- you can email us at ohhello@creatormindset.co or send a hello over here.

🏆 Founder Supporter

A special thank you to those who helped me in the beginning.

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